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COMPANY UNITED TRANSPORT & TOURISM VITRACO be sent to the Company greetings, wishes health and success!
 – Along with the growing development of the enterprise, the demand for transportation, work, work is increasing. Get to know this, CO. UNITED TRANSPORT & TOURISM VITRACO, with a fleet professional, dynamic, and car rental services ready to meet the diverse needs of customers pressing on.
 – With the motto: “Accompanying strong” and service with competitive price, we believe and are honored to become new partners and long-term customers. We have team drivers were recruited and trained, professional, courteous placed responsibility safety to the forefront. In particular, know English, Chinese, German .. and has long experience in serving customers with Korea, China, England, France, America … Seamless newer vehicles, the high quality of its vehicles Global brand will surely satisfy customers.
 – We specialize in catering to the Conference, the National Conference, International, Non-Government Organizations, associations, the foreign investment projects in Vietnam … and they have become reliable partners VITRACO long of recent years.
Call: 0905.049.049 or 0905.726.726
Call: 0983. 711 411 or 0983.97.57.97
 – To ensure best customers’ needs, we have the cars and race cars for hire as follows:
   + Car 4 seats: Toyota Altis, Honda Civic, Daewoo Lacetti, Kia Forte, Daewoo Gentra
   + 7 seats: Toyota Innova G, Ford Everest, Toyota Fotuner, Isuzu Hilander, Hyundai Santafe, Toyota Lancruiser.
   16 + car seat: Ford Transit, Sprinter Mercerdes
   29 + car seat Hyundai County
   35 + car seat Hyundai Aero Town
   45 + car seat: Hi-Lass Hyundai, Hyundai Space, Hyundai Univer.
 – Special we also have VIP cars such as Bentley F.Spur Limosin 3 compartment V12, S500 Mercerdes, Mercerdes E300, E280 Mercerdes, Mercerdes E240, C200 Mercerdes, Toyota Camry 3.5Q – ​​are available 2.4G … timely and thoughtful service. Our team of experienced drivers dedicated service will help you get the most comfortable ride to VITRACO you will receive the best quality service ISO 9001:2000 VITRACO. Wishing you good health, success and selection is a pleasant vehicle for hundreds of VITRACO car.
Please thank the attention and are honored to serve you.